Our Stunt Professionals are here to serve your action sequences with whatever they may need; fights, armory, rigging, fire, cars, horses & beyond while always maintaining the highest level of safety standards.


Our Performer Directory is filled with classically trained and industry proven Actors, Dancers, Creature Performers, Puppeteers and Models.


Our writers can create copy from scratch or help at any stage of your screen writing process with punch up and dramaturgy.

Make Up & SFx

Our MUA work throughout the industry at every level of creation and application. They love creating new looks and creatures to bring your stories to life!


From Directors of Photography to Camera Ops and ACs or even full 2nd Unit Crews we've got you covered when trying to get that perfect shot in the can!


Whether you need help casting, designing or setting up your photo shoot we are here to help ensure all of your vision is caught on film!


Some of the phenomenal companies and events we have had the pleasure of working with.

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Iron Relic Entertainment is a Los Angeles base collective of industry professionals  dedicated to helping Productions produce intriguing original content. We strives to create and develop unique, and memorable tales that not only delight audiences but will inspire the next generation of stories tellers to come.


In the fall of 2013 Alex, Bryan and Carolyn founded Iron Relic Entertainment in order to produce original content in strange and interesting new ways, the kind we all dream of being apart of but seem to never be given the chance...

Alexander Ward

Bryan Forrest

Carolyn Feres




our work.

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